Lightstar MiniStar30M-EX LED Multi-Mode Upgrade for Maglite (4-6 D Cells ONLY)

Lightstar MiniStar30M-EX LED Upgrade TLE-300M-EX is the brightest LED upgrade available! We are an Authorized US Distributor for Lightstar Flashlight Accessories. The MiniStar 30M-EX from Lightstar is compatible with Maglite Flashlights with 4-6 'D' cells only. The Lightstar MiniStar 30M-EX is a microprocessor controlled, multi-mode flashlight accessory with an output of 700 lumens. This flashlight LED upgrade has three brightness levels for an extended runtime and a fixed focus 8.4 degree beam angle. The reverse polarity protection and over-temperature protection will protect your upgrade from burning out.

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Features of Lightstar MiniStar 30MEX LED Upgrade TLE300MEX:

  • 700 Lumen Light Output
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • 3 Brightness levels
  • Fixed Focus 8.4 degree beam angle
  • Offers over-temperature and reverse polarity protection
  • Recommended Power Sources: Alkaline, NiCd, NiMH or Rechargeable Li-ion or Li-ion primary batteries
  • Electronics: Highly regulated DC-DC Converter

1-Lightstar MiniStar30M-EX LED Multi-Mode Upgrade for Maglite (4-6 D Cells ONLY)

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Jamel - Add Reply

Nice upgrade which replaces the existing reflector and bulb. The (6)D-Cell Maglite and MiniStar30M-EX LED Upgrade arrived together via UPS. Since my girlfriend was out of the house there was no one here to read the directions as I stayed true to my gender and disregarded them, preferring instead to rely on my innate proficiency with all things mechanical to replace the existing lamp with the LED module. After initial attempts failed, I tried texting my girlfriend to see when she would be home but it wouldn't be for a while so with nobody around to read the directions I continued to putz with it. Eventually I realized that the LED module SCREWS onto the maglite base (it doesn't just drop in there like the original lamp). Then it worked great. When my sweetie gets home she will be pleased to have a bright light and a fine impact weapon to carry in her SUV. She'll be safer when she rolls and I'll get a big smooch. NOTE: Would also make a great valentine's day gift along with a box of chocolates or a handgun. Pros: Brighter light, longer battery life, breathes new life into beloved Maglites Cons: Price, still utilizes "old school" (D-cell) technology batteries instead of new Lithium-Ion

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Reynold - Add Reply

The LED upgrade for the Maglight worked very well and I am quite satisfied with it. The upgrade required that I remove and toss away the old bulb and reflector. Not a problem, but I can't throw anything out... ;^) Pros: high light output, excellent features Cons: what do I do with the old bulb?

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