Lightstar MiniStar5 LED Upgrade for Maglite (C&D Cell)

Lightstar MiniStar5 LED Upgrade TLE-6EX,TLE-6EXB offers an amazingly brilliant light for your Maglite Flashlight. We are an Authorized US Distributor for Lightstar Flashlight Accessories. Even when the batteries in your flashlight are low, you can count on the MiniStar-5 LED Upgrade from Lightstar. These flashlight accessories will last up to six times longer than with an incadescent bulb. Lightstar Mini Star5 LED Upgrades are virtually unbreakable and won't burn out!

Available options for Lightstar Ministar-5 LED Upgrades:

  • TLE-6EX available for 4, 5 and 6 cell C&D Maglites
  • TLE-6EX-B available for 2 and 3 cell C&D Maglites

96.25 /100
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  • Performance


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Features of Lightstar MiniStar-5 LED Upgrades:

  • Compatible with 2-6 cell C&D Maglite Flashlights
  • Amazingly brilliant light, even when batteries are low
  • 140 lumens
  • Batteries last 6 times longer than with incadescent
  • Won't burn out, virtually unbreakable

1-Lightstar MiniStar5 LED Upgrade for Maglite (C&D Cell)
2-Lightstar MiniStar5 LED Upgrade for Maglite (C&D Cell)

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Dallin - Add Reply

I can't testify to how long it lasted since I haven't had it that long, but it is much brighter than the standard bulb, has an awesome white light and in theory should last much longer than a regular bulb. Course they know that so they charge much more than a regular bulb. Pros: Bright white, long lasting Cons: Price

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Gilberto - Add Reply

Spectacular - I had neglected my Maglites as they weren't as bright as my SureFires. Not any more - they now outshine the Surefires.

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Brennan - Add Reply

The increase brightness is even more than going from the old style 2 cell flash light to a Maglite. I have two Maglites, I changed one and put them side by side in a windowless room (about 18'x30'). The old Maglite bulb was like a nightlight compared to the LED bulb, which lit up the entire room. It was close to turning on the light switch on the wall. Pros: Much brighter than original bulb. Easy to upgrade, just replace the bulb. Cons: Price, but should be offset with savings on batteries.

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Reynold - Add Reply

The LED replacement is an excellent fit. The light output is much brighter than the incandescent bulb. The install instructions were concise. Very satisfied with the upgrade. Only time can tell about the shock resistance and the life of the LED.

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