Lightstar MiniStar ST/EX LED Conversion Kit for Streamlight Stinger Flashlight

The Lightstar TLE-ST1-EX MiniStar ST/EX LED Conversion Kit is an upgrade to an upgrade - its light output is 36% more powerful than the popular Lightstar MiniStar ST/XT. This complete upgrade kit includes a new bulb head, lens and LED module to let you power up your Streamlight Stinger Flashlight. With its iproved run time and battery life, the MiniStar ST/EX Upgrde Kit sets a new standard of performance. Enhanced durability, improved beam pattern and increased output make the Lightstar ST/EX Streamlight Stinger Upgrade Kit the choice of professionals.

90.25 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Lightstar Ministar STEX LED Conversion Kit:

  • 450 lumen LED
  • Electronically regulated for constant light output
  • Extends battery runtime and lifetime
  • Saves money on batteries and bulbs
  • Over 2x brighter than the standard incandescent bulb
  • Complete upgrade kit includes new head lens and LED module
  • Up to 120 min runtime
  • Fits Streamlight StingerStinger XT and PolyStinger with 3.6V rechargeable batteries only

1-Lightstar MiniStar ST/EX LED Conversion Kit for Streamlight Stinger Flashlight
2-Lightstar MiniStar ST/EX LED Conversion Kit for Streamlight Stinger Flashlight

  • PROS
  • Easy to install
  • easy assembly
  • Very bright
  • Works as advertised
  • CONS
  • A little pricy considering you can buy a new led stinger for about 40 dollars more

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Vern - Add Reply

If you have an incandescent stinger this is must have. Pros: very bright Cons: none

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Kenneth - Add Reply

If you have an old Stinger, this is a great replacement for the bulb. Very bright. It was easy to replace the old bulb, just unscrew the top, make sure the new piece is aligned correctly (read the simple directions) and you're done.

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Candido - Add Reply

Great product. Led conversion is so much brighter than the original bulb.. Easy to install. A great way to bring an older stinger or polystinger into the led world. If I can find one for my ultra stinger I will be converting it also.

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Osvaldo - Add Reply

This is a great upgrade to the old incandesant light! Pros: bright and easy to install

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Ansley - Add Reply

I got this for my poly stinger which is pretty old. I figured I’d give it a shot. Great item works flawlessly. Brought new life to an old tool. The neat thing is the hexagon piece around the light, it works great at keeping it from rolling. Battery life is a lot better as well.

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Julien - Add Reply

I have had my Stinger for years and last year when the battery started going out I bought 2 new Stinger brand batteries and a Terralux LED from here. I am in SAR among other things and need the light alot. The battery was fine, but when it went out, it was gone. I was very impressed with the LED upgrade, especially the beam pattern. I am very picky about my lights. The new head is also well constructed. I recommend this for anyone that still has the stock bulb. Had not had any of the typical LED issues with poor connections, either Pros: brighter, better battery life

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Santiago - Add Reply

I love this conversion. The light is so much brighter and whiter. I can see father and better then with the old regular bulbs. Plus, they don't break, or stop working if you drop the light... On the Stinger XT, you might have to put a little piece of electrical tape under the bulb so it can't make contact with the top screw for the charging post. Mine would turn on as soon as I put the battery in, so I found it was making contact with the screw and the tape fixed the problem. The standard stinger worked fine as is. If I could afford to, I would update my SL20x and an old mag light. These work great. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to update their light.

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Marcellus - Add Reply

I had planned to retire my old Streamlight stinger since the new LED lights were so much brighter and lasted much longer until a friend told me to try this LED upgrade. I took a chance and purchased the upgrade. It was a very quick install and is as bright as the new streamlight I purchased. Now I have a light that I will continue to carry on duty for a fraction of the cost of a new light. Great upgrade.

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Ben - Add Reply

I got this to upgrade my old PolyStinger which is about 10 years old. The conversion is plug and play, the only problem I had was that I had to reverse the way it was plugged into the socket to get it to actually turn on. This is mentioned in the instructions by the way. The output is very impressive and it is about on par with the light output of my modern two switch LED Stinger that I got about 3 years ago. The only downside is that this conversion does not allow for a dim output setting like the modern flashlight does. Otherwise, this is a well done upgrade that will breathe new life into an old flashlight that you may have set aside since it didn't have an LED bulb. Very happy with the purchase. Thanks Optics Planet! Pros: Superb light output vs. original bulb Cons: none really

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Jabari - Add Reply

it casts a far beam and useful width. ZERO artifacts to distract during usage and it lasts much much longer than the previous halog bulbs. I lost interest in the testing after 4 hours CONSTANT on. No complaints in usage and in fact i LOVE the upgrade. Use this at work on aircraft and it does it job. nuff said. The upgrade process is easy and straight forward. Person with normal mechanical skills should have NO ISSUES following the directions. LEDS rock. I am upgrading all my lights to LED.

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