Laser Genetics ND3x40mm Sub Zero Laser Designator w/ Scope Mount

The Laser Genetics SubZero ND3X40 Laser Designator Weapon Laser Sight LG-ND3X40-SZ uses incredibly advanced green laser technology to provide you with the perfect night sight. This Laser Illuminator by Laser Genetics can be taken into any situation thanks to the nitrogen filled anti-fog technology. The Laser-Genetics ND3x40 Sub-Zero Weapon Light can run for 4 continuous hours at 0 degrees Fahrenheit using only 2 CR123A 3V batteries. This Laser Genetics Laser Weapon Sight is precision machined from a high-tech aluminum alloy material that has been finished with an anodized matte black coating that is guaranteed to be extremely long lasting and durable. The Laser Genetics SubZero ND-3x40 Laser Designator is made with a 532nm green light that is characterized by the ease at which the human eye is able to adjust.

The Laser Genetics ND Series of Laser Designators features low energy use and high illumination yield, enabling you to focus full illumination where you need it, with the least loss of light due to "flooding". The ND Series puts you in full control of directed laser light for maximum illumination of the intended object. The high power laser beam may be collimated down and concentrated to cast an intense, highly visible beam of light that can be seen miles away, useful for signaling or search and rescue operations. Or adjust the beam to 10ft to light a path for full night vision. Green light is the most visible to the human eye and requires the least amount of eye adjustment at night. High power green laser light reflects intensely off the eyes of animals allowing quick detection up to 250 yards.

Laser Genetics specializes in green laser sights, lights and scopes specific for outdoors, hunting, marine, emergency, and home defense use. Laser Genetics utilizes exclusive patented optical laser technology to develop the lighting instruments of the future for civilian and professional use. Founded in 2006, Laser Genetics is one of the nation's fastest growing manufacturers of personal-use laser lighting products. We bring you the full selection of Laser Genetics Laser Sights, including the Laser Genetics SubZero Laser Sight, backed by the best customer service and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Specifications for Laser Genetics ND-3X40 Laser Designator Sub Zero Compact Laser Sight:

Length 9.45in L x 2in D:
Construction: Precision Machined High Tech Aluminum
Finish: Anodized Matte Black
Tube Size: 1in (adapts to many mounting systems)
Wavelength (Color): 532nm (green)
Beam Range: Up to 3 miles
Power Supply: Two lithium CR123A batteries (included)
Battery Life: Up to 7 hours
Output Power: 30 mW
Lens Diameter: 40mm
Weight: 20.64 oz.
FDA Safety Class: Class 2M
Water Resistant: Yes

Features of Laser Genetics ND3x40 Laser Illuminator Sight - 40mm Lens, Subzero:

  • O-ring seals keep out water dust and dirt
  • Nitrogen charged to prevent lens from fogging
  • Adjustable Beam (Rotary Optical Beam Collimator) - Allows quick adjustment of beam diameter and intensity

1-Laser Genetics ND3x40mm Sub Zero Laser Designator w/ Scope Mount

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Saul - Add Reply

I use this light only for hunting coyotes, pigs, foxes and bobcats. It works great on all but if you have the beam focused down to hit long distances, coyotes will see it. Over all a great tool for hunting. Product is well made and mounts and carrying case all seem to be top quality. Pros: Great visibility at long ranges Cons: Expensive and on focused beam the light will deter coyotes.

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Karley - Add Reply

Purchased this light to mount on my AR-10 for hunting hogs at night. This thing is fantastic! I can see & shoot hogs (even black ones) out to 150 yards easily. I'm sure even further shots are possible that's just the only opportunities i've had so far. Have also shot Racoons & Coyotes with it. They don't even seem to notice the green light. Soooo wish i'd got this sooner! Pros: Light, Small, Easy on Batteries, Looks GOOD on gun! Cons: None

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Max - Add Reply

good product, allows scope to be useful at night at long distances Pros: laser is powerful Cons: mount is a little shaky

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Mauricio - Add Reply

I am very impressed with the quality of the light and the ability to adjust the spot size from laser to full coverage. Pros: Very good light and easy to install Cons: A little bulky on your firearm

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Kip - Add Reply

stronger mount be mounted in two places rather than one Cons: mount on lazer moves off target after a shot

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Ole - Add Reply

so far it is about what i expected. the scope mount is not for precision. it would be a better product if you could zero in the laser and use it for an additional sight. if you are looking for a way to see at night using a scope, i think this product works fine.

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Nicolas - Add Reply

Should have got it sooner. Great product. Pros: The way to go if you cannot go Gen III or IV night vision

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Terrence - Add Reply

Awesome, GoodBye Gen 2 Night Vision. I used a cheaper green light but it did not have the range, this light does! Pros: weight, quality of laser Cons: none

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Anthony - Add Reply

awesome light. great case with all the accessories. well built, solid little light. the adjustable focus is a very cool feature Pros: great case and packaging, accessories Cons: not rechargeable

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Denis - Add Reply

By far the best purchase I have made. Crystal clear looking through my scope. I havent used it yet for hunting but I have used it to look at the neighborhood cats & you can definitely make out what your looking a.

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Americo - Add Reply

tried it out just shining a couple racoon and two skunks they were about 90 to 125 yds. very easily could see them good enough to shoot Pros: well made,lightweight,very bright Cons: wish you had option for 1" or 30mm rings in package

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