Lightstar220 Extreme LED 260 Lumen Flashlight - Dual Mode Lightstar Flashlight

Lightstar220 Extreme LED 260 Lumen Flashlight TLF-3C2AAEX is electronically regulated for constant light output. The LightStar220 260 Lumen Flashlight from Lightstar is an extremely bright, dual mode LED flashlight with an output of 100 and 260 lumens. This Lightstar Flashlight turns on with a click of a switch on the tail cap. Manufactured from Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum, the Lightstar-220 Flash Light is lightweight with a matte black finish. The Lightstar 220 260 Lumen Flashlight comes complete with two AA alkaline batteries.

92.25 /100
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Specifications for LightStar Flashlight TLF-3C2-AAEX:

Modes: High (260 lumens; 1.5hr runtime), Low (100 lumens; 6hr runtime)
Lumens: 260/100
Finish: Matte black
Battery (incl.): (2) AA

Features of Lightstar LED Light Star 260 Lumens Flash Light:

  • Electronically regulated for constant light output
  • Dual mode 260/100 lumen output
  • Manufactured with Aircraft Anodized Aluminum
  • Matte black finish

1-Lightstar220 Extreme LED 260 Lumen Flashlight - Dual Mode Lightstar Flashlight

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Chandler - Add Reply

The TerraLux Sightstar 220 Flashlight is a great value for an all-around flashlight. Not much bigger than the "penlight" class of flashlight, this unit gives off a surprising amount of light. The tailcap switch is very easy to operate too, which adds to it's value! One push and it's super bright. A second light tap on the tailcap and it dims for reading and navigating. The only thing I did right away was ditch the rather flimsy lanyard for one made of paracord. Not a complaint, just a personal preference. This light is a great value for the car, home, or in a jacket pocket! Pros: Easy to operate. Great Value

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Hadley - Add Reply

This is a great light! Perfect for carrying in the car for emergencies or everyday use. Very bright and uses common and inexpensive AA batteries which was the main feature I was looking for. Pros: Bright with long battery life Cons: None

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Donnell - Add Reply

I spend a lot of time in the woods and a good flash light can mean the difference between success and failure. I own several of these TerraLux flashlights. We, my wife and I, keep them in our cars, night stands, all our packs, in our ATVs, go-bag, everywhere. On low they seem to last forever and the high beam is impressive. The size is nice as they fit almost anywhere. They run on AA batteries which is also convenient. Due to my avocation I have bought dozens of flashlights trying to find "the right one." I've even spent hundreds of dollars on flashlights I'm embarrassed to say. This $25 flashlight has performed better than any I have previously owned.

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