Lightstar TT 5 LED Tactical Light 650 Lumens

The Lightstar TT 5 LED Tactical Light 650 Lumens is built to deliver rugged, reliable and professional results for tactical, military and law enforcement applications. The core competency of Lightstar lies in its ability to converge the disciplines of electrical, optical, mechanical, thermal and manufacturing expertise to deliver some the highest performing LED light modules in the industry in a very cost effective manner, just like this Flashlight from Lightstar. A key enabling technology is Lightstar's patented LED Sense Thermal Management circuitry. These Lightstar TT-5 Tactical 650 Lumens Flash Lights actively sample the temperature of the LEDs in a Lightstar light module, and respond as required by making adjustments to the LED drive conditions. The Lightstar TT-5 LED Tactical Flashlight 650 Lumens is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and designed to perform in a high duty cycle environments. Lightstar scientists and engineers continue to develop new, novel, and patentable technologies in solid-state lighting, such as Lightstar TT 5 Tactical LED Grey Flashlights assuring a prosperous future for the company as well as innovative solutions that keep Lightstar customers ahead of the competition.

93.25 /100
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Specifications for Lightstar TT-5 Tactical 650 Lumens Flash Lights:

Lumens: 650, 150, 10, 650
Function: High, medium, low, strobe
Runtime: 2.5h, 7.3h, 295h, 4.4h
Beam distance: 170m
CNC machined 6061 aluminum, type III hard anodized:

1-Lightstar TT 5 LED Tactical Light 650 Lumens

  • PROS
  • 3 light levels
  • Strobe instant on button
  • CONS

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Fredrick - Add Reply

I've had this for about a week and it's well worth the money. Batteries (Not Included) I missed that part somewhere. It is amazing how much light output this little device can generate. Also the strobe is very nice if you want to freak out someones eyes I will have fun with that part. I'll never need another flashlight, well that is until I miss place this. Pros: Construction, light output, controls Cons: None

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Charlie - Add Reply

This is a great flashlight.....I love it! It is built well and performs great. I use it at work and at home... and I have purchased severl for my friends and family. My family is in law enforcement and they love this flashlight as well! Well worth the money and a great alternative to more expensive brands.

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Nathen - Add Reply

I purchased the TT-5 from Optics Planet. Usual great service and quick delivery. I tossed some batteries in this thing (not included) and switched it on pointed at a white wall. Now Ray Charles and I have something in common although I lack has soulful talent and skin pigment. This thing is bright! Great throw distance. Easy to operate and the instant on strobe is a great feature. Three light levels make it very versatile. May not have to shoot a home intruder after I blind his dumb a$$ with this torch. Works great with CR123 or 18650 batteries. Great line of accessories available so well. Four different filters and a tactical pressure switch. I carry this thing everyday.

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