Lyman Heating Elements for 4500 Lube Sizer

Price Save 21% from $62.39 to $48.99

Lyman Heating Elements for 4500 Lube Sizer are on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Lyman Gunsmith and Reloading Equipment.

This Lyman Heating Elements designed to work with Lyman 4500 Lube Sizer.

Lyman 4500 Lube Sizer Heating Elements options:

  • 2745896: Lyman Heating Element 115V for 4500 Lube Sizer
  • 2745898: Lyman Heating Element 230V for 4500 Lube Sizer

90.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Lyman Heating Elements:

Weight Heating Element Only: 11 oz

1-Lyman Heating Elements for 4500 Lube Sizer

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Adolph - Add Reply

Unlike the RCBS lube sizer, the lyman has trouble pushing the lube out of the die into the sizing chamber without being heated. The machine really is designed for using the heating element, and once the sizer is warm, (takes about twenty minutes) the lube comes out like warm butter making the unit very easy to lube and size without any effort. If buying the Lyman lube sizer, you need this heating element. I personally like the Lyman sizer because I shoot civil war muskets, and several companies (Lodgewood and S&S firearms) sell sizing dies for mini balls from 50 to 69 caliber which only fit in the lyman sizer.

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