RCBS Competition Die Set .308 Winchester 37801

Full-length sizer with a raised expander ball allowing extra leverage for neck expansion. Maximum concentricity between die neck and body. Seater die with micrometer for seating head depth in increments of 0.001 inch. Bullet inserts through a side window instead of bottom of die. Bullet-seating guide ensures correct bullet alignment before and after seating. Extended shell holder for shorter cartridges. Black oxide finish. Not for use with progressive reloading presses.

94.75 /100
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Specifications for RCBS Competition Die Set .308 Winchester 37801:

Caliber:  .308 Win.

1-RCBS Competition Die Set .308 Winchester 37801

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  • easy, precise.
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Gussie - Add Reply

First point is the fact that RCBS really stands behind the satisfaction claim. I've mashed a few reload components and just placed a call to RCBS and admitted it was my fault and they still, without charging me, sent a replacement, no questions asked. Second, I find the RCBS Competition Die Sets to have the best seater of all I have tried. They all have some sort of micrometer adjustments but so far, RCBS is the only company that has a slot in the seater whereby you just drop the bullet in through the slot. The seater lines up the bullet and you never have to put your fingers in danger trying to hold the bullet on the brass while lowering the seater. RCBS offers die sets that are a lot less money, but for me, the Competetion Die Sets are the best.

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Hillard - Add Reply

I've used RCBS products for over 20 years and I think they are the best. The design and quality are unmatched. I was happy to see that Optics Planet carries them. The price was the lowest I could find and combined with the free shipping this can't be beat. Pros: Price and Free shipping Cons: None

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Fletcher - Add Reply

Another great product from RCBS!

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Nathaniel - Add Reply

the 308 competition die set worked just like i was hoping it would when i bought it. it saves a lot of time and enables greater accuracy. when your allready shooting well under moa you need to start paying more attention to the little things to get any further gains and this allows you to do that with regards to headspace

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