Insight Technology HX 150 Arcturus Tactical Flashlights Black HH2-LKP10-QD01

L-3 Warrior Systems, Insight Operations, a powerhouse supplier of multipurpose tactical lighting equipment, presents the Insight Technology HX 150 Arcturus Tactical Flashlights Black HH2-LKP10-QD01. This Rechargeable Flashlight packs a lot of power with an output of 150 lumens. The HX150 Arcturus is small, lightweight and weapon mountable flashlight with excellent lighting capability and a durable casing. The H2X Arcturus has 3 modes: Constant, Momentary, Strobe, Dimming and S.O.S and uses CR 123 lithium-ion batteries. Insight Technology Flashlights are supplied to U.S. Special Operations Forces, so there is absolutely no sacrifice in build quality or light integrity.

The 3 Insight Technology offers the following Arcturus Flashlights:

  • HH2-LKP10-QD01: Insight Technology Arcturus, Tactical Flashlight HX 150R, Rechargeable

Insight Technology Flash Lights are a great addition to your military gear or police equipment. The portability of the HX 150 Arcturus, along with tri-mode features make it great for hiking, camping or backpacking as well. A high quality flashlight is an essential part of any collection of outdoor equipment. If you are looking for a powerful, yet portable LED Flashlight, the H2X Arcturus is a superb option.

88 /100
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Specifications for Insight Technology HX-150Arcturus Tactical LED Flashlight:

Light Source:   Shockproof High Intensity LED
Run Time:   2 Hours on High / 300 Hours on Low
Waterproof:   At 5 Meters/15 Feet
Dimensions:   1.3 inch Head, 1 inch Body x 5.9 inches Long
Weight:   6.5 oz. w/Battery
LED Output:   150 Lumens
Lithium Battery Power:   Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7v

Features of Insight Technology Arcturus Tactical LED Flashlight:

  • Multiple Modes: Constant, Strobe and Dimming
  • Digitally Managed Circuit to Control Output Power and Heat
  • Hard-Coat Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Weapon Mountable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

1-Insight Technology HX 150 Arcturus Tactical Flashlights Black HH2-LKP10-QD01

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Deon - Add Reply

Well built and feature rich light. Long lasting battery that unfortunately has to be removed to be recharged. The brightness of this light is amazing given it's size. The strobe feature really is blinding. My kids thought the SOS feature was fascinating. Being a boater, you never know when this might come in handy. Overall, I would definately recommend this light. Pros: Super bright, long life, ruggedly built Cons: Battery has to be removed to recharge

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Shawn - Add Reply

Outstanding flashlight, as good as other top-end lights but with more features and a somewhat lower price. Pros: Quality, durability, extreme flexibility, ergonomically excellent, long life, bright & clean beam Cons: Using all the features requires some study and practice

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