Fenix BT20 Bicycle Light - 750 Lumens, 4x CR123

The Fenix BT20 Bikelight is the first professional bike light which employs a Dual Distance Beam System. This bicycle light features a broad floodlight with a stronger beam down the middle, for close-in visibility and long-range illumination. The Fenix BT20 Bike-Mounted Flashlight employs the neutral white LED featuring the advantages of strong penetration power and good color rendition, which helps night riders better identify the color of objects and recognize outdoor conditions - to ensure safety when mountain baking, touring, commuting, etc. A flexible mounting system lets you use the Fenix BT-20 Bike Light as a helmet mounted light as well. Single-button operation lets you quickly switch modes.

Note: Batteries not included; sold separately.

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Specifications for Fenix BT20 Bicycle Light:

Four Output Levels: Low (100 Lumens), Mid (300 Lumens), High (450 Lumens), Turbo (750 Lumens), and Strobe (300 Lumens)
Maximum Distance: 140 meters
Dimensions: 67.8mm (Length) x 42.9mm (Width) x 56.6mm (Height)
Weight: 115 grams (excluding batteries and accessories)

Features of Fenix BT-20 Bicycle Headlamp:

  • Max 750 Lumens
  • Dual-Distance Beam System
  • User-friendly design: one press for brightness selection; quick to attach or detach (within 3 seconds)
  • Intelligent power indicator
  • Broad floodlight: aspherical reflector design with a beam throw reaching deep to 150 meters
  • No blind area lights: upward beam is refracted by the lens, forming auxiliary illumination immediately in front of the bike where an ordinary bike light cannot reach
  • Anti-glare design
  • Aerodynamic Design: small wind resistance and instant heat dissipation
  • Adjustable headlamp: can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Quality Components and Materials: Die-cast aluminum headlamp, durable and reliable o-ring and extension cable
  • Wide Capability: compatible with handlebars from 20mm to 35mm in size; can be used on helmets
  • Intelligent Power Indicator: constant green (50% - 100% battery power remaining), constant red (50% - 20% battery power remaining, blinks red (less than 20% battery power remaining.
  • IPX-6 Water Resistant: heavy rain or thick fog, the BT10 will work normally
  • Intelligent memory circuit
  • Standard Configuration: includes BA4C battery case, using two 18650 batteries or four CR123A batteries
  • Compatible with BA4A battery case using four AA batteries

1-Fenix BT20 Bicycle Light - 750 Lumens, 4x CR123

  • PROS
  • Bright, crisp white light
  • Durable construction
  • CONS

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Aron - Add Reply

I purchased this light before the option for a rechargeable unit was available. I ran through about 4 sets of batteries (4xcr123), before i purchased rechargeable replacement cells. the light itself is great, having ample light and a very useful beam pattern. I run this light on my helmet, while mountain biking at night, along with 2 lights on my bars. the combination is great, and I always feel confident in knowing wherever i turn my head, there will be enough light.

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