InForce Primary LED White and Color Flashlight

InForce Color One Light Flashlight has five high-performance, multi-intensity and programmable LEDs. InForce by INFORCE is the lighting choice for any situation. Whether employed on land, at sea, or in the air, no flashlight is more versatile or better suited for modern warfare than the INFORCE Color flashlight from Inforce flashlight. In Force Flashlight works with 2 123 Lithium Batteries.

With among the virtually limitless missions suitable for the In Force Color flashlight by INFORCE are a field light, close quarters battle, high-risk search, prisoner control, ground crew operations, fluid detection, target designation, and explosive detection and identification.

The INFORCE Color lighting system renders all tactical options available to the professional soldier when preparing any mission.

    Color Uses for Inforce Color One Light Flashlight:
  • Red: Night Vision
  • Blue: Fluid Detection
  • Green: Map Reading/Safety
  • White: Floodlight or IR Illumination
    Modes of Operation for Inforce Color FlashLight:
  • Constant White: High, Medium or Low
  • Momentary White: High, Medium or Low
  • Program/Select Color: Cycles through 4 secondary LED color light options - Red, Green, Blue and White/IR
  • Constant Color: High, Medium or Low
  • Momentary Color: High, Medium or Low

We also offer another flashlight from Series Inforce, such as Inforce White 150 Lumen LED Flashlight and Inforce White, Color and IR LED Flashlight.

    In Force Primary LED White and secondary LEDs color Flashlightavailable models:
  • INF-B-W-RGBW: In force Black Flashlight, with Color LEDs
  • INF-S-W-RGBW: InForce Flash light Sand, with LEDs Color

93.75 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of In Force One Light Flashlight Color:

  • BUILT-IN LANYARD HOLE designed to accept standard 550 parachute cord.
  • LITHIUM POWERED for maximum performance and longer battery life.
  • SOLID STATE TECHNOLOGY incorporating high-performance LEDs and circuitry for unsurpassed performance under all conditions.
  • PROPRIETARY POWER REGULATION Internal power regulator provides uniform light output and maximizes battery life and run time.
  • RELEASING VENTS keep the flashlight cool and comfortable to hold.
  • POWERFUL LEDs Long-lasting, shock-resistant, unbreakable LEDs for strong and reliable lighting.
  • BRILLIANT BEAM Custom-tuned optics for a powerful hot spot and balanced peripheral lighting.
  • CARBON FIBER BODY Ultralight and strong carbon fiber composite body saves weight and withstands rigors of combat.
  • ONE-HAND OPERATION Simple, reliable, intuitive tailcap switch for single-handed operation of programs and modes.
  • BELT CLIP Replaceable clip attaches securely to MOLLE vest.
  • 4.5 oz. WEIGHT WITH BATTERIES Designed to help alleviate the burden troops carry in the field.
  • WATERPROOF TO 66 FEET Premium grade O-rings seal out water down to 66 feet as well as keep out dust and dirt.
  • SCALLOPED HEAD Designed to let light "spill out" to indicate if flashlight is on while in upright position.
  • MAINTAINANCE FREE Simply rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth for optimal working condition.
  • Replace batteries as needed.

1-InForce Primary LED White and Color Flashlight
2-InForce Primary LED White and Color Flashlight
3-InForce Primary LED White and Color Flashlight
4-InForce Primary LED White and Color Flashlight
5-InForce Primary LED White and Color Flashlight

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Lionel - Add Reply

For design and easy use this is the best there is. The switches fail after a while so the primary light only works when you are presing the tail button. As a firefighter my light gets a lot of use. I still listed it as recommended. I like them enough to order more but given the pricy nature of these units my patience is getting stretched to the limit. My experience is that most of these 'tactical' lights do not last long. For features and usability I give it a top score. Because two have failed on me I gave it a one (worst). While they worked they were great but I need a light that wont fail me. I wish I could have given it all 5s. Pros: Great design Cons: The switch fails

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Dewitt - Add Reply

Overall a good light. Feature-rich. Easy to operate / select secondary lights. Momentary on in all settings, High medium and low on all lights VERY handy options). Red LED great for night use and signaling (along with the green). Blue "blood-tracking light is very effective for that and other fluids. Most versatile tactical light I've found. NEVER without mine. Pros: Multi-color, low power usage, waterproof, hi-lumen main, easy to use. Cons: Bezel should be more rugged. No strobe option.

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You must be logged in to post a comment.

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