MagLite Mag Charger Flashlight

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Without question, Mag Charger Flashlight is an ultimate lighting tool. Refined and enhanced over many years of dedicated service, the Mag Charger Rechargeable Flashlight System is chosen by professionals worldwide.

NOTE: Does NOT include charger

94.75 /100
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Specifications of MagLite Rechargeable Flashlight:

Length: 12-16/32'' (319.79 mm)
Barrel Diameter: 1-9/16" (39.67 mm)
Head Diameter: 2-5/16" (58.72 mm)
Weight with Batteries: 32 oz. (907.18 g)
Peak Beam Candlepower: Up to 51, 700 PBC
Battery Life Continuous On Time: Up to 2 Hours
Battery required: Mag Charger Rechargeable NiCad Battery pack (ARXX235)

Features of Mag MagLite Rechargeable Flashlight System:

  • Easily replaced high-intensity halogen lamp
  • 1/4 turn, cam action focus, spot-to-flood
  • Self-cleaning rotary switch, 3 position, On, Off, and Signal(Manual, Momentary On-Off)
  • Solid-state electronics
  • Aluminum contact rings allow charging in any position.
  • Up to 1000 hrs. of battery life (approximately equal to 200 long life batteries).
  • Highly polished, scientifically designed, metallic reflector, withstands extreme temperatures
  • High quality tempered glass lens.
  • Durable extra hard anodized finish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty in the Western Hemisphere and Japan; Ten-Year Limited Warranty Elsewhere.
  • Individually serial numbered
  • All Mag flashlights are designed, patented and manufactured in the U.S.A. May contain some imported components.
  • Permanently stamped serial number for registration and identification
  • O-ring sealed throughout
  • High intensity halogen lamp (50-hour rating)
  • 51,700 Peak Beam Candlepower*
  • 5-Cell (1/2-D) Nickel-Cadmium battery pack. Rechargeable up to 1000 times
  • Highly polished metallic reflector withstands extreme temperatures & delivers superior optics
  • Adjustable light beam (Spot to Flood)
  • Recessed, pushbutton, self-cleaning, 3-position switch
  • Rugged, machined aluminum construction with knurled design
  • Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Candlepower and battery on-time can vary due to manufacturing variations in lamps and batteries. (PBC) Peak Beam Candlepower. Lamp life may vary.
  • The distinctive shapes, styles and overall appearances of all Mag flashlights, and the circumferential inscriptions extending around the heads of all Mag flashlights are trademarks of Mag Instrument, Inc. The circumferential inscription on the head of every flashlight signifies that it is an original Mag flashlight and part of the Mag family of flashlights. U.S. Trademark Registrations for the shape, style and overall appearance trademarks of Mag flashlights and for circumferential inscription trademarks of Mag flashlights include Nos. 1,808,998; 2,074,795; 2,687,693; 2,745,460; 2,765,978 and 2,765,979.

1-MagLite Mag Charger Flashlight
2-MagLite Mag Charger Flashlight
3-MagLite Mag Charger Flashlight
4-MagLite Mag Charger Flashlight
5-MagLite Mag Charger Flashlight
6-MagLite Mag Charger Flashlight
7-MagLite Mag Charger Flashlight

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Ruben - Add Reply

As a food plant inspector, this is the best light for the job. Very bright and even light. I've had several. Why so many? People keep wanting to buy my used one and I pass it on when it gets a little dinged up. Since Optic Planet sells them so reasonable, I get what I paid for it! I would recommend buyin an extra bulb or two. There are a little hard to find and will burn out sometimes if dropped while on - hence the ding ups.. Pros: Clearly a superior flashlight Cons: too bright for "close" work

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Henri - Add Reply

Very powerful light.Included car charger makes it easy to take along with you on the road.Rechargable battery, no need to keep extra batteries on hand. Always ready when you need it! Pros: Very Powerful Light. Rechargable Cons: None

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Timothy - Add Reply

overall this light is great. a must have for people who need a light with far throw or a light to blind someone with. not a good choice if you just need a light for around the house or power outages due to the extreme brightness and the beam meant for far throw. Pros: very bright, excellent throw, high quality componants, Cons: slow charge time, low run time, not a very usable "around the house" light

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Vernon - Add Reply

This is one great system. Highly recommend it. Having it on the bracket means I always know where it is at. Nice feature being able to go from spot to flood light. Pros: Rechrgeable, Super Bright, Built Tuff Cons: Non

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Ralph - Add Reply

Just got this one and compared to Stinger HP. Mag is brighter and has a wider pattern at a distance. HP is nice due to smaller size for carrying but if illumination is what you really want the Mag charger will not disappoint. Pros: GREAT BUILD

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Afton - Add Reply

I am a police officer and have carreid this light for years. It is roughly 3 times as brite as the popular Stinger flashlight. It is very well made in the U.S.A. at a state of the art facility that makes most of the sub components as well. This light is solid. The tempered glass lens is a nice touch.....impervious to the heat a halogen bulb can generate. This light is a full sized police flashlight that can double as an impact weapon in exigent circumstances......we all know they prefer you dont strike a bad guy with a flashlight but the reality is that when you get attacked at night you probably already have your flashlight in your it is common sense that you might have to use it defensively...the Stinger is useless in this might have to drop it to draw your impact baton. Anyhow, a great flashlight from a manufacturer that realy believes in making their products here in the U.S.A. a litle bit on the heavy side, but should last an entire career. Pros: Very bright, super well made Cons: a little heavy

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Jeffrey - Add Reply

Excellent to have a flashlight that is always charged. Extremely powerful halogen bulb.

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