Ravin R15 Crossbow Package

The world has never seen a crossbow like the Ravin R15 Compact Crossbow! Ravin creates Crossbows that are boldly different than their competitors with sleek designs and axle-to-axle measurements as low as 6 inches at full draw. The Ravin R15 Helicoil Crossbow provides unmatched power, accuracy and speeds of up to 425 feet per second. Take your shot at the Ravin Lightweight R15 Crossbow today.

89.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Features of Ravin R15 Crossbow, 508-AXB-RVN15CB:

  • Speed: 425 feet per second
  • Power stroke: 13"
  • Kinetic energy: 160 ft. lbs.
  • Draw force: 12 lbs.
  • Width axle-axle: 6" cocked, 10.5 un-cocked
  • Length: 34.5 inch
  • Physical weight: 6.9 lbs.

1-Ravin R15 Crossbow Package
2-Ravin R15 Crossbow Package
3-Ravin R15 Crossbow Package
4-Ravin R15 Crossbow Package
5-Ravin R15 Crossbow Package
6-Ravin R15 Crossbow Package
7-Ravin R15 Crossbow Package

  • PROS
  • Accuracy and range
  • Long range accuary Ease of use
  • Very small and light weight
  • Lite weight, uncocking mechanism, high speed, very accurate, east to site in.
  • light weight
  • Easily sighted in
  • Built in cocking mechanism
  • Ease of use
  • Accurate and fast
  • Its light and accurate
  • well made
  • CONS
  • Cost and availability
  • Not many targets this bow will take
  • Scope could use improvement. Larger yardage markings
  • expensive - but worth it
  • foregrip is a little narrow and shallow
  • Proprietary bolts
  • Cost but worth it

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Conor - Add Reply

Love the crossbow the only problem is the bolts in the quiver when attached hits my hand when cranking. Tried switching sides buy that interferes with holding the bow to fire. A minor problem for such a great product but a problem none the less. Mark

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Casey - Add Reply

It's everything it's supposed to be. Shoots accurately to 80 yds (I haven't tried any further yet). I love the compact size which is the main reason I bought this. If there were not a crossbow this small, I would've bought a bow instead. I did have to wait 2 1/2 months to get mine and was told by optics planet it would only take 2 weeks but they did let me have it at a price match of around $1750.

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Unique - Add Reply

I did research on this X-Bow well before I purchased it and didn't disappoint me!This is a great X-Bow.I highly recommend this X-Bow to anyone who loves a quality product. It's a little pricey but well worth it to me.

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Wilfrid - Add Reply

I received my Ravin R15 on 12/21/17. What an awesome Christmas gift. this is an awesome crossbow. never seen anything like it. its Fast and more importantly its accurate. love the scope that's on it. I cant wait to take it in the woods. Looking forward to taking many deer with this crossbow. I would also like to thank Opticsplanet for an amazing deal. I couldn't have found a better deal online or locally.

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Pedro - Add Reply

Bow shoots excellent, very easy to maneuver would recommend. Took a little longer than expected to sight in. Bow is on at 70yrds down to 10yrds. Shoots a lot faster than my tenpoint. Axle to axle is 10.5" uncocked. When cocked it's only 6".

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Jesus - Add Reply

Yes I definitely recommend this product. I'm a Senior in my mid 70's and have been hunting with crossbow for several years now. I purchased 4 different brand Crossbows in the past. Gave two to my son's and sold one. Selling one more since I purchased this Ravin. This Ravin is the best, most accurate Crossbow I have every owned and shot. Although I think it is pricy along with the arrows, I think the Scope (made in China) could use improvement (lines and dots are very small. This will be the last Crossbow I will use so it is worth the price in my opinion. Optics Plant had the best price around and their customer service was top notch and helpful. I had done research for a few months on this product. Shipping was fast.

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Stanton - Add Reply

Recently purchased R15, first five shots this thing was on, easily sighted in, extremely accurate, handles well, very light in comparison to other crossbows I've owned. The R15 foregrip is a little narrow and shallow in your hand, if you have big hands I'd consider the R20. Ravin made some changes to he grip on the R20 and its a little bigger and would be more comfortable for someone with large hand. With in an hour of shooting I was able to hit target at 100 yards grouping at round 4". Highly recommend.

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Dejon - Add Reply

Highly recommend this Ravin R15 crossbow, a well thought-out design especially the cocking mechanism, great warranty and fastest, smoothest most accurate crossbow on the market. The only recommendation I would suggest is to have a steel rifle stud on the fore-end to accommodate a rifle bipod, the factory bipod is a little shaky, other than that a great product and is why I gave it a five star rating.

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Peter - Add Reply

If you are looking for a crossbow and are considering the Ravin the only way you will likely understand exactly how awesome this bow is will be to just shoot one. I have had 6 or 7 different people shoot mine and they were immediately sold on wanting one. The crank makes cocking and de-cocking the bow very easy and pleasurable to shoot. Short of the cost of the bow standing in a persons way of purchasing you will not regret your investment.

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Omari - Add Reply

Great cross bow! My friends all want to get new ones. I didn’t know about optics planet until searching for a good deal on this particular crossbow. Since this purchase I have placed another order with them for the soft bag and a range finder. I definitely open there email to see other deals.

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Izaiah - Add Reply

Love my new bow. Extremely fast and very accurate. Can't wait to use it this fall. I will be hunting deer in open areas and some heavy cover. This bow will be great in both types of cover. I found the scope to be very easy to set up. In a few minutes I was right on target!

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Kirk - Add Reply

I first shot a ravin crossbow at the Harrisburg Outdoor show last winter. I was very impressed with the fact that you have so much power at your finger tip without it being heavy. I am a 59 year old disabled Veteran with two artificial shoulders, I'm on my second artificial left knee, and and lastly I also have an artificial hip. When I'm hunting I go into the woods deep and how much weight that I am carring is everything. Pennsylvania Whitetails and Black bear don't live close to roads you have to go in and look for them. That means a lot of hiking. My new Ravin Is way lighter than My Ten Point that I have hunted with for years. That means a lot to me! When I'm hiking through the woods my new Ravin 15 is narrow! That means that it has less of a chance of hooking on to branches, multiflora rose bushes, etc.,It stays nice and close to you! The biggest thing that I have to brag about this perfect crossbow is its accuracy! In the dense woods of Pa. you have to sew your shots! you some times only have a small window with which to shoot through, and this bow allows you to do just that! This Ravin 15 is the most accurate crossbow that I have ever shot! I have have a few buddies that shoot Barnets, Ten Points, Hoyts, and I have shot all of their bows. Now they all want mine! Another thing that I noticed at the local archery range is how much more quieter My Ravin is, I don't know maybe its the fact that the bolt is not sliding down a rail causing more friction or maybe its the Heli... Read More...

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Gardner - Add Reply

Shoots great, accurate. Well made. Well thought out. Gota have it. Best out there! I will be using it for turkey hunting and deer hunting. It is very accurate. I will be telling people about this cross bow. People will shoot and wanna have it.

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